Meet the Cast

Gretyl Trollop – An old pub singer, now in her 70’s. Wears a different wig each day and loves acting her favourite celeb characters out! Obsessed with the shopping channel and car boot sales, she’s xenophobic, old school and loves to gossip. Not to be trifled with!
Albert Trollop – In his late 70's, he’s an old soldier who fought in the Korean War. A retired postman, he now lives for his daily pilgrimage to the allotment and betting office. Both he and his wife, Gretyl, share a 12th floor high rise in the East End. He’s thought to be an old gent, trustworthy and faithful.
Dave Soddall – An ex-doorman In his mid 40's, he's been on the dole for some time. More of a couch potato these days, he is looking for his next scam which is usually inspired from the TV or a visit to the bathroom. Some see Dave as a bit thick and his wife thinks that he’s let himself go plenty.
Sharon Soddall - A faithful, yet somewhat discontented wife. She hates her council house, but loves keeping herself with the latest mani, pedi and all other cures! Has a wondering eye after meeting an old friend of Dave; Sharon’s a one-time Britney Spears wannabee who’s looking for a move out of chavdom.
Kev Soddall. He's 16 and already the brains of the family! Kev is designing the 'Costa Soddall Travel' website for his dad's new business idea.
Tony Soddall. Dave’s brother got rich off a bank heist and bribed a local town planner in Marbella, resulting in five luxury villas being built in Marbella. He reconnects with his brother after Dave shares his new scam. Tony is a play boy and doesn't care for anyone but himself.
Peter Lovitt ('Sharkie') is a handsome, wealthy and crooked, mortgage broker. He’s an old friend of Dave Sodall who loves the ladies and hasn’t grown up.
Neil Rochester. A Hedge Fund Manager and a nasty little man who runs things in the village of Poncey Bridge. Going bankrupt, he's always looking for a fast buck but his options are running out! He is the chairman of Poncey Bridge and manages their investments. Neil is an abusive man and an awful husband.
Arti Chokes - A hitman who’s semi-retired and maybe semi-retarded! Has all the gadgets. Poor track record.

Doris Chokes – A doting wife who likes making cucumber triangle sandwiches. Looks like Miss Marple, but smaller!

Stan Jones - Albert's only friend. Runs a fruit and veg shop and meets him every lunch time at the bookies. Funny guy. Loves Albert like a brother.
There’s plenty of fun and caper that ensues with this rabble!
Welcome to the world of, 'Missing Gretyl'.
Missing Gretyl is available through Amazon and high street retailers including WHSmith & Waterstones.